Polarization imaging resource

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Polarization (from physics aspect)

  1. “Polarization,” The Physics Classroom
  2. polarization : thuvienvatly (in Vietnamese)
  3. “Polarization of light and its applications,” Bikash Sapkota
  4. “Making stress visible,”
  5. “Introduction to Polarization,” Edmund Optics
  6. “Polarizers,” RP Photonics Encyclopedia
  7. “Optical Birefringence,” Microscopy Resource Center

Polarization application (research paper aspect)

  1. “Polarization-based vision through haze,” Schechner et. al.
  2. “Polarized 3D: High-Quality Depth Sensing with Polarization Cues”, Kadambi et al.
  3. “Polarization imaging for industrial inspection,” Proceedings of SPIE, February 2008. Meriaudeau et al.
  4. “Removal of specularities using color and polarization,” IEEE 1993, Nayar et. al.
  5. “Using polarimetric imaging for material classification,” IEEE 2003, Zallat et. al.
  6. “Relating the Statistics of the Angle of Linear Polarization (AoLP) to Measurement Uncertainty of the Stokes Vector”, Meredith Kupinski, Assistant Research Professor, University of Arizona, USA
  7. “A Heuristic introduction to radio astronomical polarization,” Carl Heiles, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA
  8. “A high-extinction-ratio optical polarizer based on advanced CMOS technology,” Sasagawa et. al. SPIE 2013
  9. “Intuitive representation of photopolarimetric data using the polarization ellipse,” Gagnon et. al. Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland, Australia.
  10. “Finding the optimal polarizer,” William Barbarow, Meadowlark Optics, Frederick, CO, USA

POlarization application (optics, system aspects)

  1. “Polarizer Selection Guide”, Edmund Optics
  2. “Stressed Plastics by Polarization,” Andrew Davidhazy
  3. “Applications of Light Polarization in Vision,”
  4. imprex: polarization cameras take the stress out of materials analysis
  5. lucid: explained sony polarized sensor
  6. Sony polarsense

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