Some quick notes about invox (old name = klavis)

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Some quick notes about Invox inc (old name = Klavis inc). They sell service/software that can scan/convert images of invoice into data.


Last week, I found some interesting scan book on Internet Book. Then I found some tools such as tesseract and successful converted 1 page into pdf. A quick idea appear in my mind : “whether I can create a startup with this?”.

Unfortunately, this time again I found a company that do the same thing. …. The company is called Ivox.

As in Klavis homepage,they started their business in 2012. Their product is quite simple : they use OCR to convert scanned invoice images into data.
The product is called streamed. For the premium plan, it will cost 8950円 for the first 100 invoice sheets per month. Then for the exceed sheet, each will be charged 20円. They even have an operator team for manual checking the invoice. In 2020, they sold their product to more than 3000 accounting office and more than 3 million invoice sheets are processed. If each sheet cost 20円, then the earning is only about 600 thousands usd.

Then in 2019, they start a new service called [Ivox](]. This time look like they combine streamed with some famous ERP serivce and rise the price higher. Each sheet are now cost 50円 (without operator) or 100円 (with operator).

Personal thinking


  1. DXが進化しているので、紙媒体からデータ化のニーズが段々減っている、ivoxの客数も減っていると思います。急成長が難しい
  2. Operatorチームがあるので、客が安心できるかな?
  3. ivoxの値段はちょっと高い、operatorが合っても、お金に関することので、客のところで最終チェックが行います。operatorが不要ではない
  4. 客のvoiceから見ると、多くの客はDXに資金がなくて、小企業です。このツールは小企業の業務処理加速できると思います。


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