VLSIx 2016: Image Sensors

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Found some interesting post on image-sensors-world: Source .

IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society has recently opened its Youtube channel. This channel currently contains several interesting videos on different topics

Prof Makoto Ikeda from Tokyo University managed to squeeze an amazing amount of info in just over 11min video about image sensors:

VLSIx 2016: Image Sensors Makoto Ikeda

For software developer like myself, the following information is useful:

  • CMOS camera have several advantages over CCD, such as higher bandwidth
  • Rolling shutter camera will have blur when taking moving object picture. Global shutter won’t
  • Key performance of image sensor are as follow:
    • Sensitivity [V/lx-s] : Quantum efficiency (QE), Conversion gain [V/e-], Fill factor
    • Noise : PD: Dark current, Optical shot Noise, AMP: Reset noise, 1/f noise, thermal noise, FPS (pixel/column)
    • Dynamic Range
    • Spatial resolution
    • Frame rate

Industrial camera should always have the above performance parameters. You can go to Basler camera homepage and take a look.

Others (not useful)

Prof Makoto Ikeda also uploaded other talk too. But this talk is mainly focusing on sensor’s circuit.

Circuit Contributions to Performance of Imagers Makoto Ikeda

Found this PDF on internet, mainly focusing on sensor’s circuit designing too.

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.



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