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Some information i found when reading about a start-up name Adasky.



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Adasky’s highlights

Some quick highlights of Adasky

  • AdaSky is an Israelo startup formed in 2015.
  • THey deliver a FIR (far infrared) sensing solution. Their end-to-end solution include the FIR camera (call Viper) and the software.
  • Their main focus market is autonomous vehicle
  • Their founder+CTO+CEO Avi Katz also found a FIR solution provided company called Sensor Optics
  • Currently AdaSk y have 47 employees

Some highlights of their FIR camera **Viper++ :

  • Viper is the first high-resolution thermal perception solution for autonomous vehicles designed for mass production.
  • Combined with AdaSky’s proprietary, state-of-the-art machine-vision algorithms, Viper is the smallest, highest quality, complete thermal sensing solution that can be added to any autonomous vehicle

adasky fir

About FIR technology

A FIR-based camera uses far infrared light waves to detect differences in heat (thermal radiation) naturally emitted by objects and converts this data into an image. As well as capturing the temperature of an object or material, a FIR camera captures an object’s emissivity—how effectively it emits heat.

Unlike other sensors like CMOS camera, radar, lidar FIR-based camera can capture object information at any weather and lighting conditions.

fir advances

Based on adasky’s information, for autonomous vehical FIR-based camera has several advantages over other types of sensor.

fir advances

But the FIR-based camera have 2 critical disadvantages : very expensive and Slow scanning speed . FIR-based camera on current market cost more than thousands of bucks to purchase. And all of FIR-based camera can only archieve fps less than 10 fps. There’re other cheap FIR-based camera at seek camera. But it’s still a large budget.

Adasky’s vision

Adasky do design their FIR-based camera for mass production. By going through mass production, they hope their sensor can go to more reasonable price. From the graph we can see that, Adasky need to produce 5 milion units to reduce their price into 2000 USD/unit.

fir price

Personal’s thiking

Adasky don’t have any patented technology for their FIR-based camera. So we shouldn’t expect a big drop down in price of big improvement in scanning speed. FIR-based camera would be another option for autonomous device. For now, if we look at the price and scanning speed factors, the cmos camera and lidar combination still have a lot of advantages over FIR-based camera.

I also found other fir solution : autoliv, who do the exactly same thing.

Flir also give their thermal dataset for free at flir thermal dataset




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